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Established in 2021 around an experienced team of game industry veterans, Possibility Space is bringing the freedom and fun of roleplaying with your friends to video game players everywhere. We are built from the ground up as a distributed studio, allowing developers to live and work where they are happiest. With robust development operations and financial support from Prytania Media, we empower developers to fully immerse themselves in the joy of creation.


We proudly offer to every employee the opportunity to share in the rewards of what we create. Through the participation of robust profit-sharing and stock option plans, our employees receive equity to share in the success of not only our studio, but in the success of our sister studios too. Sharing the details of equity programs is rarely done publicly, but we feel strongly about the importance of transparency as a public commitment to our team. Click here to read our Employee Profit Sharing Plan and our Equity Incentive Plan.

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Making games is a collaborative effort. We are diligent in looking for talent in unexpected places, and rigorous in nurturing emerging industry talent. We recognize the strengths in our differences and encourage our team to bring individual perspectives as we build memorable experiences at work and in our games.

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